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John Swee
Owner/Lead Photographer

Cassie Aaron
Studio Manager


A place of joy and brightness

I am a Photographer and I see the world in terms of memories, angles, perspectives and light. I want to bring out that light. I want to illuminate the happiest times of your lives and I want you to have fun and enjoy the process. I want you to smile, not because I asked you to, but because you’re filled with joy and having fun. Dodge Creative came from that place. First, it’s a photographic term to Dodge and Burn. In the light room when you dodge an image you make that area brighter or bring out the light. I want every wedding or photoshoot to be like that. A place of Joy and brightness.

Second, wouldn't you rather see the light in the world? I believe that we were made to have life to the full. To reach deep into my own metaphor, what if we were the ones being Dodged? Every day experiencing a little more of what we were intended. Each morning being renewed. There’s freedom in that and that’s the kind of place I want to be.

Third and lastly, when I decided to head out on my own and get out of Dodge I took that idea with me. The idea that who you were is not who you are now, but it is that history that influences who you’ve become in many ways. The wild west speaks to my rugged heart and brings with it this vision of people that were hard-working, honest, driven and equal parts self-reliant and community-oriented. That’s who I want to be. That and I want to be a cowboy, but who doesn’t? My peacemaker is a camera and I get to shoot all day. Dodge Creative and stand out of the way of common place.



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